Prime Theory

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Florin: Experimental Ansible roles and playbooks for modern Linux servers. Pure gold.


Re: MOPT: [WIP] Reproduction of [1].
[1] C. Gerlitz and B. Rieder, “Mining One Percent of Twitter: Collections, Baselines, Sampling,” 2013. (HTML, Google Scholar)


Hearsay: [WIP] Models for time series classification and anomaly detection, including [1] and [2] via [3,4].
[1] S. Nikolov, “Trend or No Trend: A Novel Nonparametric Method for Classifying Time Series,” 2012.
[2] O. Vallis et al., “A Novel Technique for Long-Term Anomaly Detection in the Cloud,” 2014. (Google Scholar)
[3] A. Kejariwal et al., “Breakout Detection via Robust E-Statistics,” 2014–present. (GitHub)
[4] A. Kejariwal et al., “Anomaly Detection with R,” 2014–present. (GitHub)


Tworpora: Scripts to download and parse annotated Twitter corpora.


Re: NNMCTS: [WIP] Data and code for the reproduction of [1].
[1] S. Nikolov, “Trend or No Trend: A Novel Nonparametric Method for Classifying Time Series,” 2012. (Google Scholar)


Re: EDTSA: [WIP] Reproduction of [1].
[1] H. Saif et al., “Evaluation Datasets for Twitter Sentiment Analysis,” 2013. (Google Scholar)


The Study of Food and Drink [WIP]


Re: GITD: [WIP] Reproduction of [1,2].
[1] C.M. Reinhart and K.S. Rogoff, “Growth in a Time of Debt,” 2010. (Google Scholar)
[2] T. Herndon et al., “Does High Public Debt Consistently Stifle Economic Growth?,” 2013. (Google Scholar)


Programming Environment Meetings Colloquium: Small Code for Big Data


Fickle: Experimental machine learning REST API.


Stale: Experimental fragment caching layer for Rails.


Re: DIVB: [WIP] Reproduction of [1] and [2].
[1] R. Hillberry, “Demographics, ideology and voting behaviour,” 2007. [sic] (Google Scholar)
[2] R.H. Hillberry and W.D. Anderson, “From Policy Preferences to Partisan Support,” 2012. (Google Scholar)


Braid: Simple utility for tracking vendor branches in Git repositories using the subtree merge strategy.